Crystal City, MO Warrants

Warrants are often the result of a missed court date on a traffic ticket. If you have a warrant in Crystal City, MO it is important that you take care of it immediately so you can avoid being arrested and fined additional fees. A good lawyer can help you through this process.

Traffic Law Counselors helps people with warrants in Crystal City, MO regularly and knows just what to do to help with your situation. We can determine what needs to be done to have your warrant taken care of and can help you with your traffic ticket as well.Crystal City, MO warrants are a serious matter. You should contact an experienced attorney right away. Call Traffic Law Counselors for a free quote today!

Anytime you get a traffic ticket in the state of Missouri, you are faced with three options:

1) Pay the ticket (which is the same as pleading guilty) and take the points on your license. Depending on the ticket you received, this can be anywhere from two to twelve points. No matter how few points it is, it will have a negative impact on your insurance rates, and it can also result in your driver license being suspended or revoked if you have accumulated enough points on your record. If you're not sure how many points you currently have on your record, you can call the Driver's License Bureau at (573) 751-4475. They can tell you how many points you have now, and how many more you will get if you plead guilty on any ticket you have recently received.

2) Fight the ticket by taking it to trial. If this is something you chose to do, you can proceed pro se (which means without an attorney to represent you) or you can hire an attorney to handle the trial for you. Typically, attorney fees for taking a ticket to trial are going to start at about $500. A trial is a much more complicated matter and require intense preparation. If you decide to proceed pro se, you will have to appear on your first court date and plead not guilty, then the judge will set the matter on a different date for trial.

3) Hire a traffic ticket attorney to have the charge "amended." This is normally the best option for most people. When you do this, you will have an initial attorney fee (ours start at $45, depending on the court, the charges you're facing, and other factors). Once you pay this fee, we will enter with the court on your behalf and ask the prosecuting attorney for a recommendation amending the charge to something that will not result in points on your driving record. Anytime the prosecuting attorney agrees to do this, you will face fines higher than you would if you just pled guilty to the charge, BUT, it will keep the points off of your record and will keep your insurance rates from being affected. Usually, if you choose to go this route, you will never have to step foot in the courtroom

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